Sunday, 5 December 2010

Quick introduction

Hi everybody.

Quick introduction that I am sure I'm going to look back on in the future and squirm with embarrassment when I read it again, but I've got to start somewhere, so I may as well start here. Hopefully, my other posts will be funnier, have photos attached and all sorts of jazzy exciting fonts, but I've got to learn how to simply post something first, so sorry for the lameness.

My name is Aaron Masters, and I am a film lover living in South London, England. I watch a lot of films and own a lot of dvd's. As I have a Cineworld Unlimited card that allows me to watch as many films as I want for only £17 a month, I regularly watch 3 or 4 films in one day at least once a month if I'm not doing anything else. Hopefully, I can put a quick review of every film I see from now on into this blog, even if it's just a quick line or 2.

Yesterday, I saw a preview of Tron:Legacy, with the director in attendance. This was part of a special day devoted to online film bloggers and reviewers, which inspired me to create my own. The review of Tron:Legacy will come later, after the official world premiere as they have put an embargo on any reviews until after that had ended. We also saw Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days, which I will try and review first.

Bye for now.


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